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Congrats you solved your very first challenge! Welcome to webVR it's really that simple.

Note that we were nice here, accepting c, C, SolvedLETTERC, etc. From now on though the answer are case sensitive and have to be exact, no more SolvedLETTERC so be cautious!

The answer consequently was http://vrlab-brussels.info/wiki/HackLeague/Challenge1-SolvedC please remember that format from now on.

Notice the VR headset logo in the bottom right corner? It means if you load the page on your phone with a cardboard, Oculus or Vive it will be in VR. Take a minute to try.

You will learn few more things but that's it, 3D in your browser thanks to pseudo HTML and some JS here and there... so get excited and move on to http://jsbin.com/limigel/edit?html,output !